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This is an overview of which parts of the program are available in each language. The download contains all available languages.

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2007-08-19 - Windows Vista compatibility
Some users have reported problems when using the alarm clock with Windows Vista. It seems that Windows Vista is very strict about applications writing to some folders, such as "Program files". If you installed the alarm clock in a folder in "Program files" and you experience problems, you should try installing it in a folder where you have full access, such as "My documents".

2006-01-07 - New plug-ins
I've uploaded a few new plug-ins. In short, they allow you to flash the caps lock lights, end programs and show Word documents. You can find them in the plug-ins section.

2005-09-15 - Disappearing e-mails
There has been a wave of disappearing e-mails again. That is, not all e-mails I send arrive at their destination. If you've just registered and you didn't receive your registration code yet, please don't hesitate to contact me. Also keep an eye on your spam box in case the registration mail is filtered out.

2005-05-18 - Version 3.4 released
I've finally released the new version. Not many shocking changes this time, just a number of features that make life easier and some bug fixes.

2005-04-30 - Progress
Yes, I'm still here. The new version got delayed a bit, but it's practically finished now. I'll release it in one or two weeks.

2005-01-29 - Disappearing e-mails and upcoming changes
For some reason a number of e-mails I send seem to disappear into thin air occasionally. I always send a reply to each e-mail (if it's not spam or a virus), so if you don't receive one within 48 hours, please send your mail again. I also decided to send out the registration code for new users twice with different providers to make sure it arrives.

A new version of the alarm clock will hopefully be released in about one month. This release will fix a number of bugs and add minor functionality as described in the documentation section.

2004-11-10 - Version 3.3.1 released
Version 3.3.1 fixes a number of minor bugs. It also introduces a few new features and has many improvements. The entire list of changes is located here.

2004-10-31 - Release v3.3.1 in one week
I have postponed the release of version 3.3.1 with one week. Apart from fixing the small number of bugs, there will also be some minor new features.

2004-10-10 - Status
Version 3.3 seems to be holding out very well. A few minor bugs have been reported (see documentation) and a bug fix will hopefully be released this month. At this point it is not clear when the next major version (3.4) will be released.

30-7-2004 - Version 3.3 released
Finally! With one day to spare. (If I say the end of the month I don't always mean the last day!) Now lets hope I won't have to release a bug fix tomorrow. The test version program has worked out quite nicely and I will certainly continue it for the next version of the alarm clock. Version 3.3 introduces a calendar for a clear overview over your alarms, a real ringing alarm clock and much more. You can download it here. A full list of changes can be found here.

24-7-2004 - Almost finished
I've released another test version with some minor modifications. Version 3.3 is still scheduled for the end of the month.

4-7-2004 - Upcoming releases
I'll be releasing another test version in two weeks. The next major release (v3.3) has been scheduled for the end of July.

1-6-2004 - Test version release
Another test version release. This version introduces the interval bar in the calendar. In combination with the 'duration' property on appointment alarms, this gives a clear overview of availability.

20-5-2004 - New test version
Some small updates to the test version. I've finally implemented a feature that allows all alarm groups to be saved to one file. Also, some small bugs in the calendar have been fixed. I've added a function that exports the calendar to html, enabling you to print the calendar. Still very primitive, but it's a start.

5-5-2004 - First release of test version
I have released a test version of the alarm clock. This version is the version between the latest released version (currently 3.2.2) and the next major release (3.3.0). It does not yet contain all the features that 3.3.0 will contain and it is not bug free. If you are interested, you can already try it out. More information about the test version.

1-4-2004 - Two years since version 0.0
Two years have passed since I first started on Puac, but it still isn't finished yet. But then, will it ever be? I hope to have some more time to work on the alarm clock in the next few months.

26-02-2004 - Version 3.2.2 release
Version 3.2.2 has been released. The new version fixes some minor but annoying bugs. More information about the bugs can be found in the version history in the documentation section.

24-01-2004 - First plug-in added
I added the first plug-in to the plug-ins section: the Puac extension plug-in. It contains a few action plug-ins.

22-01-2004 - Small update
I updated the setup versions of the program, because I forgot to increase the version number in the setup program. So if you downloaded version 3.2.1 before today, the version will be indicated as 3.2.0 in the setup program, but as 3.2.1 in the alarm clock.

20-01-2004 - Update: 3.2.1
A nasty bug caused an error to occur when setting an alarm using a computer with certain system configurations and the alarm properties date time format set to am/pm. The bug has been removed.

17-01-2004 - Puac 3.2.0 Release
It took a bit longer than usual this time (not without reason), but the new version is here at last. The download section.

29-12-2003 - Announcement
I'm postponing the release of version 3.2 until mid-January.

15-11-2003 - Announcement
The new version is nicely coming along now, although it probably won't be released until next month. Have a look at the version future for details.

5-9-2003 - Update: 3.1.2
A new version has been released. This version fixes some bugs and adds a few improvements and minor features. The details can be found in the version history (under Program details).

14-8-2003 - Website
I finally registered a domain for the Puac website. It can be found through from now on.

1-8-2003 - New version: 3.1.1
Well, version 3.1.0 didn't last very long. There was something wrong with the updating of the registration information. I fixed another bug as well. The new version can be downloaded from the download section.

31-7-2003 - New version: 3.1.0
Finally version 3.1.0 has been released and can be downloaded from the download section. Quite a few changes have been made. For a list of all changes in this version, have a look at the version history. I'll shortly be updating the website with new screenshots.

16-7-2003 - Coming updates
After a period of relative quietness a new version will be released this month. The new version will have a lot of new features. There will be more options to view the alarms, I will add the possibility to import Outlook appointments and tasks and I am also having a good look at the help file. Besides that, I'll also be adding some other features that have been requested.

8-4-2003 - Registering now possible
It has taken a bit of time, but you can now actually register Puac. Have look at the registration section for more information.

1-4-2003 - Puac's first birthday
Today one year ago, work on Puac started. I didn't always have as much time for it and eventually it would take until the end of July 2002 for the first version to be released. I think it has changed quite a bit since then and it is still is being developed. I want to thank all of you who have helped me with pointing out errors and you who have just mailed to tell you like the program. Lets hope that in one year from now, Puac will be twice as ultimate as it is now. Just keep the suggestions and feature requests coming.

31-3-2003 - Puac 3.0.1 release
Due to some unexpected issues with setting up the registration process, the program will be free until April 15th. Version 3.0.1 fixes some bugs.

16-3-2003 - Puac 3.0.0 release
Puac 3.0.0 has been released. I decided to make the program shareware for various reasons (older versions are freeware). This will result in a higher quality of the program. While I was at it, I designed a completely new web site for the program.


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